Tumbler Baby Quilt

The baby shower was great!  It was in Mt. Dora (about 2 hours from here) at a lakeside restaurant and we enjoyed wine, lunch and dessert.  The new mom-to-be got lots of nice gifts and I had a nice visit with my sisters-in-law, nieces and nephew/photographer.  It was a full day of driving, partying and shopping along the way.  I didn’t have time in the morning to shop, as I was finishing up a last minute gift, wrapping, had to stop for gas and made a stop at Wal-Mart for ribbon (I only had pink ribbon and this gift is for a boy).  On the way back, I stopped in Ocala at Peggy’s Heirloom of Tomorrow quilt shop, JoAnn’s, Michaels and Wal-Mart.  Then, on to Gainesville to pick up sushi for dinner. I wanted to stop at another quilt shop in Ocala, but they closed at 4 pm and I arrived about the time they were closing.

So…I learned a few things with this latest quilt. 1) Sharpie markers aren’t so permanent, 2) Sewline ceramic lead pencil marks don’t come out so easily and 3) batting shrinks a lot.

I had to wash the quilt because the sewline pencil marks didn’t come out per the package instructions.  The package said the marks could be erased or dabbed with water.  All turned out well after machine washing and drying and I love the crinkly appearance.  Remember, I “colored” the white thread on the dark brown patches with brown sharpie ink?  There is only a faint tint of the brown color now, but that was enough to tone the white down, so I was ok with that.  Also, the quilt shrunk 3.75” lengthwise and 2.5” crosswise bringing it to 38 x 50.  I was kind of surprised by that.  I haven’t washed a quilt in a while. I used a craft size batting purchased at JoAnn’s of 100% cotton Warm & Natural. I love the brown plaid (cut on the bias) for the binding and the blue plaid backing.  Also, I used a different method for the label this time and placed one triangle label in each of the bottom corners. Overall, I thought the quilt was a success and everyone seemed to like it.

Being goddes of the last-minute, I made a pacifier clip Friday night and a burp cloth from left over tumbler patches Saturday morning.  All in all, it was a fun day, but I was exhausted when I got home from all the driving and walking around in heels all day!

Hope your Sunday is great…now off to organize and clean up my sewing space.  It is a wreck!

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  1. Wow, sharpie marker on furniture a rugs at our house have always been permanent!
    all i can say is YOU got all the decorating genes !

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