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Both of my co-workers are in their mid-20’s.  We are lucky to have them work for our firm.  They are smart, energetic and keep me on my toes.  They both have started families, each have a boy and a girl.  They have educated me on all the things young parents, especially moms, need these days.  Since I have a baby shower to attend this coming Saturday, I decided that I would make something.  Justin said that it means more when you take the time to make something.  What a sweet thing for him to say or was he just trying to butter me up?

So what to make?  He says that mom’s like stuff that match, like all the Graco products, that go out of style each season because they change the fabric and patterns. He also told me that his wife can’t find pacifier clips for their infant, only the ones for toddlers, so that would be a good thing to make and even sell in my Etsy shop.  What the heck is a pacifier clip?  Then he told me that he and his wife got some nice burp cloths as a shower gift that someone had made with the baby’s name embroidered on it.  As I am looking through the baby gift registry online I see those laminated bibs.  Have you seen those?  I could make some of those, I made something similar for Justin’s little boy, although it was a full smock. I had never seen these bibs before I made the paint smock for Justin’s kid, I think they stole my idea. Then he suggested a Boppy cover. “A what?” I said.  “You know”, he said, “a half-moon shaped pillow that mom’s use for breast feeding and later use to prop up the baby”.  “No”, I said, “I’ve never heard of such” and promptly looked it up on the internet.  Can you tell I have never had a baby and haven’t kept up too much with what baby’s and mom’s need.  I always thought they needed quilts to cover up with when cold or throw on the floor to play on, to make a tent out of or to just drag around.

Being the curious sole that I am, I ended up yesterday at Toys R Us in the baby department checking out pacifier clips, burp cloths, bibs and boppy pillow covers.  None of them looked hard to make, except for the boppy cover, I may tackle that one later. If I have time, I may make one or two of these items that will match the quilt I decided to make.

I had cut the one patch quilt out last week with the small tumbler die for the Accuquilt Go! Cutter.  I cut from what was left of the Lily and Will layer cake that I had left from the Moda Bake Shop Sliced contest.  As you can see from the picture, it didn’t go real far.  I had 7-½ rows and I needed 11.  I really didn’t want to buy another layer cake, as that would defeat the purpose of trying to use up stash.  So, I decided to take some inspiration from Pure Baby Boy by Teaginny Designs on Moda Bake Shop.  I decided to place my patchwork horizontally instead of vertically and purchase some neutral fabric that would go with the patchwork.  We only have one quilt shop in Gainesville and I managed to find only one fabric that was going to work and I finished the bolt, purchasing 2 yards.  So this morning, I finished the quilt top, layered and basted it (I spray baste small quilts with re-positionable 505 spray) and started machine quilting it.  I don’t have time to take to Joan (my long-arm quilter), so I decided to do it myself. I’m only a straight line, walking foot kind of quilter so, I used a Sewline ceramic lead pencil to mark the stitching lines (1” apart) and starting stitching in the patchwork section.  I didn’t like the white stitching on the brown patches and contemplated un-stitching and re-stitching those sections with dark brown thread.  But knowing that this quilt will probably be washed a lot, I feared that breaking the stitching would be a bad thing.  So….I got out my trusty brown sharpie pen and voila! I now have brown thread on the brown patches.  You can’t even tell, can you?  Don’t try this without testing first.  Also, don’t press hard, as you don’t want to bleed through to the back of the quilt. I tested in a seam allowance first.

Ok Lindsay, if you read my blog, you know what you are getting for Baby Brooks.  I hope I get finished in time.

Have a great week everyone ~ Lora

7 thoughts on “Baby Shower Gift

  1. Yes, bringing up babies is a whole different world than when we raised our children. I’ve had to be educated too! Your tumbler quilt is adorable, and the straight-line quilting works well on it. Good for you!

    1. I can’t believe the terrible fabric that most of the Boppy covers are made of – Yuk! No one, especially a baby, should have to touch this stuff. If I finish the quilt, I will try to make a Boppy cover. I already have an order from someone at my office. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  2. So cute!!! Hope you don’t mind if I “pin” this? I want to remember the cute pattern so I can make something similar soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

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