Card Tricks

So what else have I been working on?  Photograpy, and I feel so incompetent.  I used to take my quilts to a professional photographer and I may resort to that again, but I wanted to try it myself.  Maybe I need a new camera, but I am afraid to invest in a new expensive camera and still have unsatisfactory photos.  I guess I need practice.  The close up shots aren’t too bad, but the long shots just seem fuzzy to me.  Take a look at “Card Tricks” photo session.    Remember the problem I was having with my embroidery unit while stitching out the quilt label?  Well, long story short, I went back to my originial label and that is what is on the back of the quilt.  I had started a new label as I had forgotten to give my long-arm quilter, Joan Gamble, credit for the quilting.  After the second label got messed up and I realized I was out of background fabric, I gave up and went back to the original design, sans Joan.   I really try to give the quilter credit on my labels and you should too.  Joan, this is my attempt to give you credit.  I love you girlfriend!  Check out the beautiful work that Joan does and the quilt label also.

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