Daily Dose of Inspiration

I found the most amazing website that I wanted to share with everyone.  It is called Design Seeds and can be found at http://design-seeds.com.  It is extremely helpful for those of us that have difficulty selecting color palettes. You can subscribe to receive emails everytime there is a post. How wonderful is that! I can’t wait to start receiving my daily dose of inspiration in my inbox.

I received another form of inspiration last week in the form of an incredible kaleidoscopic dance video.  This video was created for the opening of the recent TEDx Summit, The Power of X. As I love hexagons and kaliedoscopes, this video was right up my alley. Take a look. In case the video doesn’t show up in the post, you can find it here.

Ideas for a quilt block for the QuiltCon Block Challenge have been percolating in my head for weeks. The video inspired me to create this block.  I am still playing around with color, but here it is so far.  I call it Hexponential. It represents for me the exponential connections that the internet provides for bringing quilters from all over the world together.  The internet has empowered the modern quilting movement and I am so pleased to see a whole new generation of quilters being inspired.

Amy is making the nomination form available today at the Blogger’s Quilt Festival (click on the link in the side bar).  Don’t forget to nominate your favorites.  There are many different categories to chose from.

Have a great day and make time to do something creative ~ Lora

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  1. Isn’t it strange where people get their inspiration from. I was thoroughly amazed by the “Power of X” video and of course I followed it up with your Daily Dose with a link to the color pallets. This is going to be such a huge help. Thanks so much for sharing!

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