Fast Triangles

I have been spending the last few weeks migrating my blog to a new WordPress hosted site. Much thanks to Sarah Bailey of SpunMonkey. I was going to do this myself and thankfully decided it just made sense to use an expert. It was one of my better decisions. This new site will give me the ability to do some of the ecommerce things I have been wanting to do. My goal was to make it clean and fresh with lots of negative space. The graphic designer and I still need to do some work on the blog header. I am very pleased with how it came together.

In an effort to get some of my quilts on the Quilt Gallery page, I will be doing a series of posts on some of the quilts I have not Fast Triangles_emphasis addedmentioned in previous blog posts.

While going through all the pictures of my quilts, I found this small quilt made in 1989. I think it was my third quilt, called FastTriangles. It is hand quilted. I remember quilting this at my step-son’s wrestling matches. I use it some years as a Christmas table topper. While I was studying this quilt, it dawned on me that it is the exact same design as my current quilt Parallelo Pinwheels. The only difference is the Fast Triangles quilt uses all half square triangles and Parallelo Pinwheels uses parallelograms. Apparently, when you sew two half-square triangles together it forms a parallelogram.

Look at how different the quilts look with the different placement of color and fabrics. What is old is new again!



Have a great week!


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