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Well … the Moda Bake Shop Sliced competition audition finalists were announced last night.  I was not one of the finalists, but I did get an honorable mention for my bookmark/page holder project.  My main goal was to get noticed and create some interest for my blog and I think I did that. Truth be told, some of the other contestants can probably use the prizes better than I can.  My stash of sewing and crafting supplies is enormous and I don’t really need to keep growing it.

Today is my mom’s 81st birthday, so Saturday I took her shopping for new shoes and clothes and then Eddie and I took her to dinner at Roberto’s.  It is a small little Italian restaurant in McIntosh, Florida.  It is fairly new, and even though it is a 45 minute drive for us (everything is a drive for us), we have been there three times now and have had great meals every time.  We brought our bottle of wine and listened to live guitar music.  My mom was pleased with her birthday celebration.  I had previously given her the “Card Tricks” quilt (see Feb 2 post) and hung it in her apartment last week.  She loves it and it does look nice within the space.

The birthday doings took up most of Saturday and Sunday I just hung around the computer waiting to see who made the cut for the Moda Bake Shop competition.  I did manage to do some cleaning and do some more product photography and work on product descriptions, pricing and packaging for my etsy shop. I have listed a few quilts, pin cushions and now I am working on listing key fobs.  I made key fobs a couple of years ago and my friends loved them and bought them up for stocking stuffers.  They are great for keeping track of your keys.  I find them great when carrying packages to the car and when pumping gas.  Young moms find them helpful to put the strap over their wrist while carrying their babies.  Best of all, your keys will not fall to the bottom of your bag and are easier to find. I have one that has the leather trim and I have been using it for two years.  It is still in great shape.

I am trying to differentiate myself by providing nice product packaging, since my products are designed to be given as gifts.  Working on the shipping and packaging was a lot of what I did this weekend.  I am enjoying the process.

Have a great day and try to take some time to do what you love ~ Lora

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