It’s baaaaack ….

My mojo, that is.  Thank you all for your suggestions and encouragement.  I set aside my current projects and pulled out something I could finish quickly to get a sense of accomplishment.  I few years ago I was on a placemat and napkin kick, making them as gifts for friends, however, I had never made any for myself, even though I had purchased the fabric (Amy Butler Belle collection) to go with some of my dishes.  (You know the old saying about the cobbler’s children never having any shoes, kinda like that!)

I pulled that project back out and made a pile of napkins.  The napkins are quick and easy and, therefore, fun to make. I just love the satisfaction of a nice mitered corner. (I know, I’m wierd!). I want to make more placemats and a table runner, which are a bit more time consuming.  Here is the fabric I have pulled from my stash (so far) for the table runner.

I got the pattern for the napkin ring from the Modern Patchwork magazine that I reviewed on April 18, 2012.  I pretty much followed the instruction as printed except I used heavy weight duck cloth (purchased at JoAnn’s Fabrics and Crafts) for the interfacing instead of 72F pellon and I tacked the ponytail holder to the duck cloth and not through the quilting fabric.  Since the duck cloth is not fusible, I used my tried and true Dritz Wonder Tape (also purchased at JoAnn’s) to turn and fuse the edges.  I need to get some different buttons, but this one was all I had on hand.

I have also been pressing a mountain of fabric so that it can be neatly folded on my shelves.  Hope I have more finished projects to report on Monday.  Have a great weekend everyone and, keep it fun, the pleasure is in the process!

6 thoughts on “It’s baaaaack ….

  1. Beautiful fabric for place mats and napkins, Lora! So pretty that I wouldn’t want to actually USE them! Good for you to be getting your fabs organized. I’d love to see how you handle yours. It’s been suggested to me NOT to put them out on shelves because of the dust, let alone the possibility of fading. Hmm. Perhaps there’s really no “perfect” solution.

    1. Oh I have to see them! What a joy to walk into the room and that is the first thing you see! If they get dusty, wash them, if the folds fade, cut that part off, we cut them all up anyway don’t we? LOL! Don’t worry, I have plenty stored away in plastic bins (which I have also heard is bad, especially in Florida with the humidity-moisture get’s trapped), but my goal is to get it all out were I can see it and then maybe I will use it-wishful thinking anyway.

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