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Well it has been a whirlwind the last couple of weeks.  As I mentioned before, I have been designing and making entries for the Moda Bake Shop Sliced Competition.  All entries were due last night at midnight (CST).   I made four entries for the contest:  a bookmark/page holder, a luggage/computer bag tag, a magnetic card/pencil holder and a project portfolio.  The requirements of the contest were to use Moda pre-cut fabrics, batting and a buckle to create an office/studio accessory.  You could use other items to complete the project, but any additional fabric had to be Moda Fabric (well of course, it is a Moda Fabric competition).

At first I was in a real quandary about obtaining the Moda Fabric.  None of the quilt shops in my driving distance carry a wide variety of Moda Fabrics.  Then, while visiting the closest shop (30 minutes away), the owner told me that a new shop had opened in a neighboring town.  The owner was an online retailer, but opened a store because the fabric bolts were taking over her house.  Man was I happy to find Chickadee Shops in Gainesville, FL!   This shop sells only Moda Fabric and is only now starting to take on a few more manufacturers now that space is available.  I had a wonderful time grabbing up pre-cuts to add to my sparse stash of Moda Fabrics.

My first project was made from a left over jelly roll strip that I had from a quilt that I am making for my granddaughter.  It is from the Amelia collection by Me & My Sister Designs.  I had some vintage Bakelite buckles that I had purchased earlier from an Etsy shop.  I also used batting inside the folded over and stitched jelly roll strip.  My challenge was the buckle.  I just couldn’t think of many ideas so I wanted to get this made and posted quick before someone else had the same idea.  I didn’t want to be a “copycat” if you know what I mean (reminds me of a recent episode of Project Runway)!  I was the first one to post and my post was up for a solid two weeks before anyone else posted.  I thought I was a shoe in, but alas, come week three, everyone else started posting project photos.  Then I saw two projects posted by the same person and I thought “wait just a doggone minute, I didn’t know you could post more than one project.”  So I read the rules again and sure enough, the rules said you could enter as many projects as you wanted.  So then I couldn’t stop thinking about the competition again.  I think the most fun in crafting is coming up with an idea and figuring out the best way to execute it.  Often I make projects over and over before I get it right.  I didn’t have time for that – I had to get busy.

My second project was a luggage tag which I created from the City Weekend collection by oliver + S.  A had a layer cake pre-cut of this collection, so I had bigger pieces to experiment with.  I also used Pellon Peltex, plastic sheeting to protect the business card, a grommet, ribbon, a center release buckle and batting between the ribbon layers.  This one wasn’t so unique or exciting, so I had to come up with something else.

My third project was a magnetic card/pencil holder.  I use a magnetic board to keep track of my “to do” items.  I am constantly grabbing 3 x 5 cards from my desk drawer to jot down notes for a project I am working on or to jot down a web address while listening to podcasts.  I am also always looking for dry erase markers for my white board.  This solution keeps everything very handy and accessible. I used the Lily and Will collection from Bunny Hill Designs.  I had a layer cake pack of this fabric.  I also used Peltex, a magnet sheet, a vest buckle for decoration and batting inside the decorative trim.

My fourth and final project is a portfolio.  It is made with a jelly roll and yardage from the Max & Whiskers collection by basicgrey.  I also used Pellon Peltex, a wooden fashion buckle, batting between the fabric and Peltex and inside the closure strap.  This project was more time consuming, but I thought it came out nice.  I can see using it for an “on the go” type of project.  Pins and needles can be inserted into the inside cover.  Also finished quilt blocks could be transported, without sliding around and getting wrinkled.  It is large enough for scrapbooking paper, pattern pieces, etc.

What is the next step in the competition?  Wait to see who the judges select as finalists.  They will pick four finalist who will compete for prizes.  For four weeks the designers will be given a challenge and have five days to complete it.  Each week one designer will be “sliced” from the competition. I am waiting on pins and needles (no pun intended) to see if I make it into the finals.

Wish me luck!  Lora

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    1. Thanks Lissa, I was happy to get an honorable mention. My goal was to get some visibility and I think I accomplished that, so I am very pleased. It was great fun and I hope you gals at Moda come up with some more fabulous contests. Thanks again, Lora

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