Modern Quilts ~ Traditional Inspiration

In my post on March 6, 2012, I mentioned that Denyse Schmidt had a new book coming out.  Well it is out and I got it!

If you love traditional quilt patterns (and I do) with a modern take relative to the color scheme and fabric selection, you will love this book.  Usually when I get quilt books, I look at the pictures and look at the construction techniques on some of the patterns.  I am actually reading through the text in this book so I can learn more about the quilt patterns and how Denyse put her modern spin on it.  There are a couple of quotes in the book that I love:  “If you’re a beginner quilter and the instructions seem intimidating, just take it piece by piece, and remember that mistakes are opportunities for discovery.”  This is so true.  Some of my best design revelations have come from mistakes.  Reminds me of the old joke; how do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!

Another quote, “A book of traditional quilt patterns-some of which require cutting thousands of tiny pieces-seems to go against the grain of most crafting books these days, and is antithetical to our culture which demands instant gratification and ever-faster results.  I hope you can embrace the idea of quilting as a “slow craft,” and enjoy the opportunity to engage in a satisfying, contemplative pastime that offers rewards relative to your efforts.”  Kind of reminds me of my motto:  The pleasure is in the process.  When I come to the end of a project, just like a good book, I am kind of sad because I just love the journey.

Orange PeelI have been drawn lately to the “Rob Peter to Pay Paul” block and I am anticipating a quilt with this design.  So naturally I was drawn to two quilts in the book, Orange Peel and Tobacco Leaf.  I love the organic nature of these designs.  I have a couple of curve pieced quilts in progress (which I will share one of these WIP Wednesdays) and I think there will be some more in my future.  How about you?  Have you made any quilts with curved piecing?  Which ones?  Were they successful?

Tobacco LeafAnother thought for you to consider.  If you love a book, please leave a review on Amazon and “like” the author on Facebook.  Many publishers judge an author by these reviews and the number of followers they have on Facebook.  If we want to see more from your favorite craft book authors, please consider being supportive.  See more about this topic from Weeks Ringle’s post hoping for meritocracy in the age of social media” over at Craft Nectar.

Happy Friday everyone, have a good weekend and I hope you get lots of sewing/crafting done, if you can manage to stay indoors ~ Lora

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