Persistence2If anything, I am persistent! I just can’t stop thinking about this quilt. I finally realized what I was doing wrong with my piecing. After my English Paper Piecing class at the Gainesville Modern Quilt Guild meeting last Wednesday, I got this brilliant idea that I could piece this quilt in the EPP method. I printed my templates on card stock and proceeded. Well that wasn’t as easy as it seemed and I abandoned it pretty quickly. In the meantime, I examined the templates pretty carefully and actually layed them out according to the key block provided by EQ7. Low and behold,  I realized that I was using some of the pieces interchangeably. Some of the pieces are directional and 4 of the leaf shaped pieces are slightly smaller than the other 4. That would explain the first wonky block I assembled, see my post on March 15 for a photo of the wonky block and the overall quilt design. My husband said “didn’t they explain that in the directions?” I replied, “silly, who do you think “they” is? It is MY design, I should have known better.

Persistence1I am almost finished inserting the center circle and so far the block is flat. I am more encouraged now. This is still a test block and I see that I need to overcut the corner pieces and then square up the block when I am done.

If at first you don’t suceed, try again. Should I finish this quilt, I think I will call it “Persistence.” I am linking up with Lee’s WIP Wednesday post over at Freshly Pieced blog. Check out the other WIP Wednesday blog posts over there.

12 thoughts on “Persistence

  1. Very cool, Lora! It’s great that you have an idea that you can’t shake, and are following through on it. That’s how the best ideas become reality. Good for you to persevere! Your diligence is admirable. This is going to be a cool block that will be even more effective when there are many blocks. Good work!

    1. Boy you jumped on that! Thanks for commenting. I know I need to be working on my improv blocks, but this darn quilt would get out of my head. You know how it is. It will not be a quick quilt. Turtle pace!

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