Pleated Quilt Hanging Sleeve

There was a time when I used the ready-to-use pleated sleeves to hang my quilts made by Quilters Hangup. These were handy when I was pressed for time when getting a quilt ready for a show. When hanging quilts in a show, the hanging rods are sometimes very thick (think PVC pipe), this is the reason for the pleat. Making a sleeve is so simple that I make mine all the time now. I always use this tutorial. I hope you find in handy.

Step 1: Cut fabric strip

Cut fabric strip 9″ x width of quilt, plus 1.”









Step 2: Press under 1/2″

Press under 1/2″ on each short side of the strip. I use a Dritz EZY-Hem tool. It simplifies the procedure and makes a nice crease. Be careful, it gets hot from the heat of the iron. (Can be purchased at JoAnn’s Fabrics).









Step 3: Make a double fold

Make a double fold hem on each short end of strip by pressing under another 1/2.”









Step 4: Stitch double fold hem

Using a straight stitch, stitch down hem. I use an edge stitch foot, moving the needle two positions to the right.









Step 5: Fold and press

Fold down 3″ and press along one long raw edge (only one).










Step 6: Unfold

Unfold the 3″ pressed hem. Next you will form a pleat.










Step 7: Form a pleat

Place the ruler 1″ below the crease, align crease made in step 5 with 1/2″ mark on ruler creating a 1/2″ pleat, press.









Step 8: Turn strip

Turn strip so that the wrong side is facing up and the 3″ section is toward you.










Step 9: Fold and press 2″

Fold up 2″ from the lower raw edge and press.










Step 10: Turn right side up

Turn the right side up and check to make sure your sleeve looks like the picture.










Step 11: Unfold strip

Unfold strip taking care not to disturb the creases.










Step 12: Place wrong sides together

Place wrong sides together to form a tube.



Step 13: Stitch seam along long raw edges

Serge seam or stitch a 1/4″ seam and finish the seam with a zig zag stitch. You can leave the edges raw if you would like, the raw edges will be hidden behind the sleeve after it is stitched down.












Step 14: Press

Press seam at back of sleeve.










Step 15: Stitch sleeve to quilt

Hand stitch sleeve to back of quilt with an applique stitch. It is important that the stitches don’t show on the front of your quilt. Also, place the sleeve so that when a hanging rod is inserted into the sleeve, the sleeve does show from the front of the quilt.













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