Winter Palace

The binding and hanging sleeve is finished on the Winter Palace quilt.  The only thing left is to put my mark on it; either some embroidery or a quilt label.  I haven’t decided what I want to do yet for the label. I don’t believe that you have seen the back.  I used some darling dog fabric. Also, check out the close-up, I just had to slip in some dragonflies. This quilt was made for a challenge, with no one in particular in mind, but I think it would make a nice baby quilt or kid’s quilt, it measures 47″ square.  When you take that last stitch in the binding, you think you are done, don’t you? Well … then you remember that you have to make the hanging sleeve (if you plan to hang it), signing or labeling the quilt (very important for future generations) and photographing the quilt (very important for you, especially if you plan to sell or give away).   I finished stitching on the hanging sleeve this morning. It was not too sunny, so I took it outside to photograph on the lake side of our house.  I think the blues and greens really pop with the lake background.  (Look at the water marks on the dock posts.  It is so dry here and the lakes are so low.  We got some good rain showers the past few days, but we need lots more.)

The Winter Palace quilt got its name because it was designed from a floor in the winter home of one of the Russian Czars.  My friend Terry was visiting Russia a few years ago and snapped a photo of some furniture in the palace, but I was much more interested in the floor.  The quilt is made from 5″ charm squares and 1.5″ black and white strips.

Since I will probably list this quilt for sale in my Etsy shop, my thoughts turned to storage.  Have you seen the swim noodles in the big box stores?  I purchased one for less than $2.  It measures 2.25” in diameter and I cut to the length I wanted with my electric knife (cuts foam like butter).  I had remembered reading somewhere that these were good for rolling quilts on (you can also stick pins in it).  I had also purchased some cardboard tubes for storing and shipping quilts.  I bought these 4” x 48” cardboard Scotch Mailing Tubes at  They were around $7-8 apiece.  The rolled up quilt fits perfectly in the mailing tube. Finally, label it and slide it under the bed.

While looking through some photos, I found a picture of my first quilt.  I started it in 1985 and finished in 1989.  It is a log cabin quilt and it is machine pieced and hand quilted.  I think back in those days, anyone taking a beginning quilt class would learn to make a log cabin quilt.  I scanned the photo in so you could see.  What a contrast this photo is to the quilt today, which is faded and well-loved.

Next project: dog beds ….. don’t miss my next post.  Happy Sewing ~ Lora

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  1. Lora, your Winter Palace quilt is wonderful! I love the colors on the front, and the back is very attractive too. The quilting on it looks great. Well done! I’m so glad you encourage labeling a quilt. It’s such an important steps that is easily overlooked. It’s also nice to see a bit of where you live. It must be pleasant to live near water, even if the levels are low. I hope that means you won’t be contending with mosquitos! It’s also good to look back with satisfaction on the progress of one’s quilting. Odd, but I have never done a log cabin quilt. It’s one of those designs that never appealed to me. Good for you to have hand quilted your log cabin. It’s a lovely keepsake.

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