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I recently attended a Gainesville (Florida) Modern Quilt Guild meeting and shared my Trash to Treasure quilt that I posted about recently.  When I took the quilt out of its “case”our organizer Vanessa Wilson of Crafty Gemini exclaimed “Is that how you store your quilts?  I am always being asked how to store quilts, you should do a blog post about that.”  So here it is, with pictures.

First, get a swimming pool noodle from a big box store.  I get the skinny ones. Right now is a good time to stock up.

Next cut the noodle to the correct size. I use an electric knife to cut foam, but you could probably also use a regular knife or scissors.

Then pin the edges of the quilt by sticking good quality (silk) pins into the foam along the short edge of the quilt in the binding seam.

Next, roll up the quilt and secure with twill tape ties. I used ties that I have saved from Moda Jelly Rolls. Then place the quilt in a cardboard mailing tube.  I have used a 4″ x 48″ tube for my smaller quilts. I purchased 3M brand online. You have to search diligently for the best price. I can’t seem to find them again at the quantity and price I paid, so I will try a different brand next time.

Label the outside of the mailing tube and store under a bed. This method eliminates creases from forming along fold lines and is ready to mail if I happen to make a sale in my Etsy shop.

I hope this is a tip you can use and you get to sew or craft a bit this weekend. Hopefully I will have some QuiltCon blocks to share soon.

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