Walker Bag for Seniors

Hey everyone! I just finished up a walker bag for my mom’s friend. My mom lives at “The Village” (a retirement community) in Gainesville, FL. Like many seniors, she uses a walker to maintain balance and give her the security to get around on her own. A couple of years ago I made her a few bags for her walker. This bag is essential for keeping necessities (tissue, phone, keys, blood glucose meter, etc.) close at hand. When asked by friends about where she got her walker bag, she loves to brag that her daughter made it for her.  Every senior needs a stylin’ bag for her walker and I haven’t seen any pretty ones on the market.

This bag is larger than most and more designed for what I call the “Cadillac” model of walker. If you are ever in the market for a walker, this is the style I recommend. It negotiates uneven payment, turns on a dime, has a wheel lock feature, provides a place to sit when chairs aren’t available (like when waiting in line) and extra storage under the seat. The seat also provides a place to set a meal tray when making the trek from the cafeteria line to the table. Us able-bodied folks don’t often stop to consider all the difficulties that seniors have when trying to maintain independence.

The bag top flap folds over the front bar of the walker and is secured with velcro on the back side. The inside provides extra pockets for small items. When buttoned, the contents of the walker bag is hidden from view. The button loop is easy to unbutton with one hand. It is designed so that the pockets are facing the user of the walker, making it easy to reach down and grab something easily. By using the key fobs I sell in my Etsy shop, your favorite senior does not have to struggle to locate her keys.

I got the fabric at JoAnn’s on Saturday. It is pre-quilted fabric and was on sale. I used the bias binder attachment for my Bernina to do the binding. I got the fabric for the bias binding and the button at JoAnn’s also. I think everything looks nice together. I hope my mom’s friend likes it as well.

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  1. This is a terrific idea. I love your choice of fabrics. The bags might make a nice addition to a gift shop in a retirement center or a hospital.

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