Shower Cap

One thing I love to do is figure out how to design and construct something without a pattern.  It is a challenge for me and I can’t stop until I get it figured out. I guess that is why I like designing patterns, after all the work of figuring something out, I might as well document it and share with others.

I have let my hair grow out after years of keeping it short, even though my husband thinks short hair makes women look younger. He is probably right, but I have this thing about covering my ears.  Anyway, it has been an agonizing nine months and it is finally starting to look half-way decent. While my hair was short I washed it every day, even though we are told that we don’t need to.  Some mornings when getting in the shower, I realized that my hair didn’t look that bad and if I had a shower cap, I could save myself about 1/2 hour if I didn’t have to wash it. Saving time in the morning is always a good thing!  Anyway, I set out to make a shower cap. After about 6 iterations, I finally came up with two caps that fit properly.  I first used a cut up shower curtain liner for the lining of my cap, but later settled on rip stop nylon.  The rip stop nylon can be machine washed and dried and ironed with a cool iron, so that was much easier to work with. I drew a circle template with a Omnigrid Yardstick Compass. I also used my Simplicity Bias Tape Maker, another favorite tool.  I’ll try these two caps out for a while before I make one for my mom to test.  If we both end up liking them, I may make some for my Etsy shop and possibly write-up a pattern.  I think they would make a good stocking stuffer for Christmas.

Last weekend I made these coffee cup sleeves from some cool cork fabric that I got from Jelinek. The fabric has a flannel backing and is easy to stitch.  I think it looks like leather and would make up nicely in handbags.  Always looking for “green” products for my Etsy shop, I thought this might be good.  But hubby says no one will buy it.  It would be another good stocking stuffer for holiday gift giving (maybe with a Starbucks gift card). What do you all think?

Next on my plate is the Quilt Conn Block Challenge.  Blocks are due August 15, so I have no time to waste.

Have a great week everyone  ~ Lora

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  1. I think the coffee cup sleeves are a great idea! Maybe with some kind of elastic casing so it fits different size cups? And I’d totally sell them in sets of 3. Office, home and car. Great idea!

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