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The fabric came in for the Cat-in-the-Hat quilt center, but I didn’t calculate my yardage correctly and, especially didn’t leave room for errors.  So I am ordering some more.   I like the color and since the borders are so busy, it gives your eye a place to rest.  I have ordered some alphabet dies from Accuquilt for the name.  I am going to digitize the alphabet shapes and applique with my embroidery machine, however, I haven’t figured out all the details, like what fabric, etc. This is how a design, I get an idea and it has to “simmer” for a while until I get it all figured out, then I start experimenting.  Sometimes it is a long process.

We had a Gainesville Modern Quilters meeting on Wednesday.  We were supposed to be making name tags, but not everyone brought materials or a sewing machine, so I think we did more sharing and visiting than anything else.  I brought my Sizzix Big Shot and demonstrated cutting hexagons with it, as that is what I had planned for my name tag.  I finished it up when I got home.  It measures 4” x 6”.  I like it, but I think it is a little big.  I will probably make something else before the next meeting.  While I was cutting the hexagons, I cut a bunch to make pin cushions.  These are smaller than what I have been working with, so I’ll try one out this weekend.

I was going to make a trip to IKEA this weekend for a new bookcase for my dies, but I decided to make do with what I have.  This bookcase is probably better, because the shelves are different depths and the larger dies will probably do better in this type of bookcase on the bottom shelf.

I just had to purchase Emily Cier’s book, Scrap Republic, published by C&T Publishing. I was curious as to what all the copyright hoopla was about over the last few weeks.  I ordered it from Amazon.  I found the controversial quilt in question, but only after finding a link to the tote bag made with an image of the quilt.  (Kate Spain has a link in her blog post dated March 22, 2012).  There are no credits to the fabric designers in this book and since it is a scrap quilt book, it might be ridiculous to try and credit all the designers.  I like the book.  It is a quilt project book containing 8 projects with some basic technique instructions. Ms. Cier gives instructions for making the projects from your own scraps and also from yardage in case you don’t have a stash of scraps.  The quilts in this book are very modern, colorful and scrappy. Some of the quilts in this book can be tackled by a beginner quilter, but others would require knowledge of techniques beyond the scope of this book, such as different methods of applique.

I’ve got to work at the office some this weekend, but plan to get a few quilts photographed and uploaded, finish the border for the Cat-in-the-Hat quilt, start a pin cushion and maybe get started on a baby quilt for a shower coming up.  I hope you have a creative weekend ~ Lora

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  1. Making name tags was one of the first MQG we enjoyed in our chapter. The cutest one I saw was made by a pregnant gal who not only made her own name tag, but had another attached below hers with an arrow pointing down, and the baby’s name! That book looks interesting. Don’t we all love scrappy quilts? They’re more work, but make prettier designs, I think. Have a good weekend. I’m pin-basting a quilt today. Have a happy Easter too!

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