What’s on your cutting table?

Did I tell you that I was a CPA and it is tax season – yikes!  We have been super busy at the office, in addition, I have had my sewing machine in the shop again for the defunct embroidery unit, so there hasn’t been as much crafting as I had hoped this week.  Turns out, they had to replace all the guts of my embroidery unit, board and everything.  Fortunately, it was still under warranty and I only had to pay for labor. It is embroidering beautifully now.  I am so happy to have it working again.

One thing I did do was buy frames for these sweet prints.  I got these from Jenna Sue Designs.  I met Jenna Sue at a craft fair during the holidays.  She has only been an Etsy seller for a short time, but has received a lot of recognition already.  I love her designs and maps.  Check out her shops at www.etsy.com/shop/jennasuedesign and www.etsy.com/shop/jennasuemaps

So what is on my cutting table right now?  I designed this cute little quilt for a Modern Quilt Guild Challenge about a year ago.  I never entered it in the challenge, because I didn’t finish the quilt in time.  I still have to bind it.  It will make a great baby quilt.  It is a little small for anything else.  It was inspired by a photograph of a floor in one of the Tsar’s Palaces in St. Petersburg (see photo below).  One of my best friends, Terry, is a world traveler and when I was going through her photos, I thought this one would make a great quilt pattern.  I hope to publish a pattern for this quilt in the future.

I have also been working on the photos for more my tutorial on the ironing board cover I made last week.  I am just trying to decide on the best way of delivering the tutorial.  If you recall for a previous post, I had started a blog last year over at meylah.com.  I love the fact that Meylah offers a format for tutorials and digital downloads of products (which is something I plan to do).  However, I didn’t like the blog part of Meylah, particularly the way in which pictures are displayed.  So….I started a new blog at WordPress.  I love the way WordPress seamlessly integrates ones domain name, email, etc.  I like the format of the blog posts, but all the things I love about Meylah is not available on WordPress.  So I am trying to figure out how to best use the two sites to deliver my message.  More to come on the tutorial front soon.

Remember, the end result is satisfying, but the pleasure is in the process! ~ Lora

3 thoughts on “What’s on your cutting table?

  1. Ooh I just stumbled upon this–thank you for the mention and the prints look great! Do you mind if I use the photo on my Facebook fan page?

    1. Hi Jenna Sue! I’m glad you found me. Yes, please use the photo on your Facebook fan page. Also, check out the post on Sunday, July 22. There is a picture of four of your prints. You can use that one also if you want. Congratulations on your new website. Lora

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