WIP Wednesday-Sew Uninspired

Sorry I haven’t posted for a week.  I’ve been searching everywhere for my mojo and can’t seem to find it.  What do you do when you just aren’t inspired?

Last post I was working on the alphabet blocks for my grandson’s quilt and I am still working on those.  It seems like more blocks were ending up in the trash than were successful.  I was just making so many mistakes.  I am still working on them a little each day, but I feel like I am forcing myself to do it.  I also was getting ready for the Gainesville Modern Quilt Guild meeting where we were making the 1600 Jelly Roll Quilt.  The entire jelly roll was to be sewn together end to end on the diagonal before I got to the meeting.  Well that didn’t happen, so I decided to do that while everyone else sewed their quilt tops.  I used batik fabrics.  While that was a good idea as far as the lint factor, it was a BAD idea as far as discerning the right and wrong side of the fabric.  Don’t ask me how I did it, but when I got home and went to trim all the seams, I determined that every other seam was sewn wrong sides together.  Not only that, but I had drawn a line to stitch on with a lead pencil that could not be removed (now on the right side of the fabric) which had to be cut off.  I finally got the darn top finished, but I am not really in love with it and I think this will go in the UFO pile (as opposed to the WIP pile) and decide what to do with it later.  It could be a future boy’s baby quilt with some applique on it or a dog bed, who knows!

I ordered a few quilting books from Amazon that came on Friday and this one really seems interesting so I will review that when I get finished with it, but the others were just so, so.

Still in a slump, I headed to my Bernina dealer, Paula’s Fine Fabrics, in Jacksonville, FL who was having a sale on Saturday.  I picked up some cute Michael Miller fabrics for burp cloths and paci clips for the Etsy shop.  I also thought I would live dangerously and attempt some garments.  We are heading to my step-daughter’s wedding in late June and I wanted a few new outfits.  I don’t know about you, but I have such a hard time finding clothes that are age appropriate and fit properly these days.  Maybe this is the ticket to light a fire, a real challenge!

I even straightened up my sewing space, cleaned my sewing machine, changed the needle, cleaned my iron and listened to a few quilting/creativity podcasts.  Still no mojo. I hope I snap out of this soon. I think I just need to make something fun and colorful and not for anyone in particular and not something from my UFO pile.  What do you think?

Please check out the other WIPs over at Freshly Pieced. Lee has some great inspirational posts on her site~I hope you stay inspired!

Still in progress:

Heart Quilt needs binding

Dog Beds

Cat-in-the-Hat Quilt

9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-Sew Uninspired

  1. I find when I get into a quilting funk, I need to do something fun. With me, I get into those funks when I’m feeling overwhelmed…too many projects hanging over my head. And the funny thing is, focusing on finishing them doesn’t help at all. You would think that a finish would eliviate some of the pressure but it really doesn’t. Just seems like drudgery. I was a quilting lecture one time and received what was (for me) the best advise ever. If you have a project that’s dragging you down…if you just don’t like it…if it’s an albatross…say goodbye to it. Get it out of your life. And I’ve done that on occasion. It’s pretty liberating! 🙂

    Go make something fun!

  2. I tried starting new quilts and all it did was give me more frustration. and a stack of unfinished quilt tops with no plan for what I would do with them….
    Apparel sewing got me out of my funk. I think quilts can be such long term projects I was not getting the quick satisfaction, that I needed, for the amount of energy I was putting out.
    Good Luck!
    Oh and every time I use those light colored batiks, in anything, I end up with a few pieces inside out… As if that’s comforting…. LOL!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Great suggestion! I have put the quilts aside for now and brushing up on my garment sewing skills by watching some online videos. Got a pile of pants to hem. Then I will tackle one of those garments. Wish me luck!

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