EPPI need to work this weekend, but I am still managing to squeeze in a little time for sewing to keep my sanity. I thought I would knock out a short post to show you what I am working on. First, I am continuing to get a little hand sewing done with my “Get Your Hex On!” quilting bee. I am starting to get finish blocks returned to me, but in the meantime, I have two more to finish. Here is the December block (almost done) that I hope to get shipped off by Monday. This is the smallest one I have worked on yet-1/2″ sides. You would think it would go fast, but actually, the large hexies work up faster for me. I’ll be teaching a class at the April 2013 Gainesville Modern Quilters meeting on how to do English Paper Piecing. If you are interested, please join us at the Millhopper Branch of the Gainesville Public Library at 7 pm on April 2nd. Bring some fabric, needle and thread. I will bring everything else you will need.

Simple Squared Variation with cNext up, I got some inspiration from a duvet cover I saw in a catalog and designed this quilt in EQ7. I love the design and transparency is something I have wanted to try. I thought this might be a hard quilt to piece and I was right. I made two attempts at this block – my first and last. What a disaster! No amount of steam, pressing or cajoling will make this block square or lay flat. This is just unacceptable. I consider myself a pretty good piecer, but this is ridiculous! Just goes to show, we all have failures some time. But that wavy blockshouldn’t stop you. I snapped a picture of this before it goes in the waste paper basket. I’ll move on to something more satisfying next.

The Jacksonville Modern Quilt Guild had a challenge a couple of months ago. We each brought a yard of fabric and did the “Fold It – Snip It – Rip It – Drop It – Pass It” challenge. I decided to Covered Clotheslinecut the fabric in strips and make some covered clothesline for some coasters. I am making large piping rather than the wrap method that has been popular in the past. Here it is so far. Hopefully this project will be a success. Hope you get to create something fun this weekend.




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